Koala Hospital Port MacquarieIn the first of our Australian Conservation Series we are producing an entertaining and informative book (40 pages) aimed at children and adults alike –  THE GOOD THING ABOUT KOALAS. With the help of Port Macquarie locals we will raise enough funds to be able to write, illustrate, produce the artwork and print 6,000 books so The Koala Hospital can utilise all the proceeds from the sale of the books. Sold at just $10 each (with a $15 option) the books will  raise over $50,000 of much needed funds. $2.50 from every sale is put aside so when they get close to selling out (they have over 200,000 tourists visit them every year) they can order a reprint and raise more needed dollars. THE GOOD THING ABOUT initiative is really a sustainable way to fund raise. All donations (pledges) over $2 are tax deductible. This is a great example of a local community pulling together to support a vulnerable animal in need. The iconic and cute koala whose numbers have been dropping in the wild to frightening low levels so they are now on the endangered list categorised as vulnerable. Some estimates put the number of koalas in the wild at less than 50,000… You can make a pledge to the THE GOOD THING ABOUT … KOALAS book today.