THE GOOD THING ABOUT is a concept conceived and developed in the late 1990’s in the UK. Basically the “glass is always half full” not “half empty”. There is always a positive side – no matter what the situation.

There are a series of books printed by Fantail (a division of Penguin) in the UK. The books are written for young children “Humorous, thought-provoking, informative and fun – these are books to delight children and adults alike.”

They were also accompanied by a teacher’s presentation and were part of primary school’s curriculum. There has also been THE GOOD THING ABOUT comic strip in a national UK weekly newspaper, a greeting card collection through Gibson in the USA. Plus numerous promotion and merchandising products.

G Henshaw - writer

G Henshaw – writer

Now, one of the creators – G Henshaw – who is a pommy and an Australian citizen is turning his attention to Australian wildlife in a new conservation series. The first book will be THE GOOD THING ABOUT… KOALAS with the proceeds from the sale of the books to go to the work of the fantastic Koala Hospital in Port Macquarie on the mid north coast of NSW. G is currently a resident of Lake Cathie – a delightful village south of Port Macquarie.

Shortly we will be posting the first few gags of THE GOOD THING ABOUT… KOALAS on this website to give an idea of the content of this delightful 40 page book. It will be illustrated by a Port Macquarie local: Ben Creighton. The cost of the artwork and printing of the first 6000  books (by a local printing company) will be raised by pledges from locals – an innovative form of crowd funding by locals for a local charity. The Koala Hospital which has over 200,000 visitors a year, many of them tourists from overseas will sell the books at $10 (there is also a $15 option) to raise between $50,000 and $75,000 of much needed funds. $2.50 from every book sales will be put aside so when all books are sold a reprint can be ordered and an additional amount of funds can be raised. It is a sustainable way of fund raising. As the Koala Hospital is a registered charity it means companies and people making the pledges to help with the production of the book (and for purchasers of the book) are able to claim it as a donation and as such  any amount over $2 is tax deductible for Australian tax payers.

koala and eucalyptThere is even a kid’s musical presentation planned to showcase at The Glasshouse in Port Macquarie. More of that in coming months. In the meantime please make a pledge to make the entertaining and informative book  THE GOOD THING ABOUT KOALAS a reality. Thank you on behalf of wild koalas in need everywhere in the Hastings Port Macquarie region. Make your pledge today to save a koala tomorrow.


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